Our Communities

We create and encourage a healthy living and global academic community to foster a multi-cultural and diverse learning environment.

Our Company

GoodLife Housing Partners is a leading real estate investment company focusing on the student housing  and workforce apartment sector in the Western United States.

Acquisition Strategies

We provide investors with real estate asset allocation solutions, mindful of our obligations of fiduciary responsibility, transparency and trust.

About GoodLife Housing Partners

Based in Los Angeles, California, the firm was founded by Rohan Gupta and David N. Fong in May 2015. GoodLife Housing Partners has assets under management with an estimated value of approximately $515 million as of September 2022. We have a primary focus of acquiring core/core-plus, value-add and ground-up development student housing and workforce apartment projects in the Western United States. Our investors include leading institutional and private investors, both foreign and domestic.